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The Insurance Payroll Exchange Gives You the Power to Compete

The insurance market is rapidly changing. With large national payroll providers knocking on your clients’ doors on a regular basis, you need a way to level the playing field to keep your business strong and growing. Many agencies and brokerage firms have found success by adding payroll services.

IPX provides a complete payroll solution to bring your business to the next level.

Strategic advantages of insurance and payroll together

Strategic Solutions Give You The Competitive Edge

Defend Your Book of Business

Offering payroll services provides you with a powerful tool to protect your client base from competitors and win new business in the marketplace.


Increase Customer Loyalty

By combining insurance and payroll, your customers will benefit through streamlined administrative processes, saving them time and money.


Private Label Payroll

Your branding is a valuable asset.  Your payroll service and software are provided under your brand, helping to build a stronger relationship with your clients.

Obtain Results that Achieve Your Goals

Increase Your Revenue

Diversify streams of ongoing income. Payroll services provide a consistent cash flow above and beyond your existing revenue.


Open New Opportunities

Leading with sales for payroll services can open new marketing opportunities and the possibility of cross-selling insurance products to your new clients.


Multiply Instead of Add

Do you have strategic partnerships with CPA’s, other agencies, local banks or other  business service providers? Find out more about our built-in partner functionality to grow your payroll business exponentially.

Building a successful payroll service business
Winning advantage of combined payroll and insurance services

Gain the Winning Advantage with the Insurance Payroll Exchange

Proprietary Software Platform

Leading edge cloud technology designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of businesses. We developed and own our software — you deal directly with us.


Subject Matter Expertise

Payroll has been our business for more than 25 years. All of that experience and know-how is there to support you every step of the way.


Business Model Options

With multiple programs to choose from, you will find a business solution that fits your current needs and long term goals.

Build Your Own Payroll Business... With The Insurance Payroll Exchange, it's Easier than You Think

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