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Why The Insurance-Payroll Exchange is Better for You

3 Solutions : 1 Goal

The Insurance Payroll Exchange offers three solutions to best meet your needs and goals to increase your revenue:

 Solution 1: Referral Partner Program       Solution 2: Professional Program         Solution 3: Entrepreneur Program

  • Opportunity Overview

    IPX has the Solution that is Just Right for You

    Programs Tailored for the Insurance Market

    Our understanding the unique needs and challenges faced by insurance brokers and agencies in the payroll service market forms the foundation of the solutions we offer... all are designed to give you an advantage when competing against the larger payroll companies.

    Different than Any Payroll Service Program

    While you may have come across other payroll partnership programs, our Professional and Entrepreneur Programs offer you unique advantages in generating higher revenue and building stronger relationships with your clients.

    Supported by Experienced Payroll Professionals

    All of our solutions come with extensive support for you and your clients,  provided through complete operational support with our BPO service, comprehensive training or our friendly customer service.

    Profitable Revenue Models

    The financial structure of our business solutions provide you the opportunity to build a very profitable payroll service business.

    Very Competitive Pricing

    The cost of payroll services to your clients is often much lower than the large payroll companies can offer, giving you another major advantage in the market.

    We Have the Right Opportunity for You

  • Referral Partner Program
  • Professional Program
  • Entrepreneur Program

Build Your Own Payroll Business... With the Insurance Payroll Exchange, it's Easier than You Think

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